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Non-dominational & Non-profit

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Answering Prayers Ministries Inc.

Non-dominational & Non-profit
Steve Lecorchick is founder and president & CEO. Steve is a professional hunter and speaker who's love for God has led him to share the love he has for God's great creations with those special people who may never have the opertunity to otherwise be able to experiance without the help of other sportsman/sportswomen. Steve knows and belives that through God all things are possible.

And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing you will receive. Matthew 21:22


A Hunter's Prayer
Steve Lecorchick

Dear heavenly Father, I come to you from on my knees.  I thank you for all that I have received and how you watch over me, but Father, I have a special need for my time may be running short here on earth and it won’t be long before I will rejoice with you in heaven.  Father I can’t help but to ask for one more prayer to be answered. Dear Father in heaven, I would like to sit one more time high up in an oak tree and have a big buck walk beneath me or perhaps sit in a high mountain meadow and listen to a bugling bull elk as he approaches to my lonely cow calls. Oh God, how wonderful that would be.  Dear Father, if I could just sit next to a running brook and smell the flowers and watch the butterflies and the bees and take in all the beauty of the colored leaves and listen to the squirrels bark and the geese honking over head, or watch the mountain goats as they climb the snow cap mountains of the great west, or stalk the antelope on the great plains! Oh God, how great that would be! Dear Father, if I could just have one more day to sit on a calm lake and cast for that big bass that once got away or search the ocean for the great fish beneath. Oh Father, how great that would be! Father, if it be your will, grant me one more day that I may walk out on a hardwood ridge in dawns early light as songs of the whippoorwill gives way to first light and all the song birds begin to sing I may once again hear that mighty familiar ring of a gobbling wild turkey in the spring! Oh Father, how great that would be!  Dear Father in heave, in Jesus’ name, please answer this prayer for me. Amen
And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing you will receive
                                                                           Matthew 21:22

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How you can help : Answering Prayers will need the help of many people to help meet our goals of helping these people. We wish to answer as many prayers as we possibly can. And your donations will help us do that. We have many fundraising projects, speaking events, sportsmans dinners, golf tournaments, gospel concerst, sportsman shows,ect. We need help from all domination of Churches, corperations and priviate individuals. All of our projects will be orginized and run in a cristian manner with our main goal being that we minister the word of God as it is written in the holly Bible. We belive that many souls will come to the Lord Jesus Christ through our many outreach programs. We are open to all suggestions on fundraising projects. Please contact us if you can be of any help or to book an event (814) 948-5133 Answering prayers 585 Greenwich Rd. Northern Cambria, PA. 15714. Make all donations to Answering Prayers. Prayers are also another means of help, so please pray for Answering Prayers so that we may be able to meet these needs.

How we do it : We rely on and work with many organizations in the outdoor industry. To help meet some of these goals. We need help from every industry, company, and individual, and church. We are also looking for volunteers to help with sportshows and fundraisers. If you can be of any assistance please contact us, remember these people are terminaly ill they need the help now


If you are a person who has a life threatening illnes or a serious handycap please fill out this form and send it to Answering Pryayers for considration We would like to answer you prayer. We encourage all ages to presipate and may God bless you.

Answering Prayers Conisideration Form